Disappointments in DIY

After finding that my apartment’s A/C was so improperly built that it would take over $1000 just to diagnose the unit, I decided to try a DIY solution to letting in outside air into the living room by installing a magnetized screen mesh system.

I purchased a roll of 1/2” self-adhesive magnet tape with the intention to cut out the mesh and place on the outside of the window frames. The mesh is a high density “No-See-Um” type screen that would prevent even smaller bugs from coming in.


Unfortunately, the magnets were not strong enough to stick to the metal frames of the window. When it comes to these types of fixes, I am not a perfectionist and decided to go the tape route of installing the mesh. This creates a lot more messiness than I hoped, but still accomplished the sole job of preventing bugs from flying in, especially during the night.


I used painter’s tape as a base to prevent the duct tape from peeling away the paint when I am finished with this version. One thing I found: the magnets do well with attaching to each other, so I could place a strip on the window edge so when it is opened, the magnets could snap on and prevent myself from having to re-apply tape each time. However, these magnets are simply not strong enough to hold up the screen by themselves. I will have to shop for a better version.

Overall, this solution is messy and can be better. I will hope there are magnetic strips that are much stronger so I don’t have to spend so much effort doubling up on the strips. I am glad to have done it though, as wasp season may be coming up and it’s just no fun having them pass through the house or even setting up shop when I’m not paying attention.

Music and Value

Where did the good music go? Where the value went: to those few who realized value does not exist in the proliferation into nothingness. Where the workmen accept that their production depends on art, that the artist's domain is placed on equal grounds in terms of value.

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Functionalism vs Aestheticism

The aesthetician hides behind closed doors and only leaves with abstractions; this is why there are so few philosophers that one could film with sensory delight. Rather, the aesthetician may be filmed as they become blank in the face, or scratching a brief note in a notebook, with long pauses in between. The romanticism of the aesthetician is limited.

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