For You: Jacques Greene's "Afterglow"

For You: Jacques Greene’s “Afterglow”

Dear Aleks,

Do you remember those distant and tired sounds that would waft out of the nearby dance club and reach your kitchen window? You could touch the glass and could feel the slight vibrations at 11 PM, though it wasn’t strong enough that your reflection would waver. Burial captured that feeling, the 6 AM, drowsy, pumped, exhausted, racing emotion that you can get as the music has stopped but your heart has kept going. But of course, Burial found a sadness in it, rather than an optimistic determinism. That could have been his downfall (if there are downfalls for niche electronic musicians such as him).

But Jacques Green brought this energy again; “Afterglow” isn’t aware that these feelings may have been experienced almost every Sunday morning at 6 AM, but that’s the magic: there in the wake of distance, you are really hearing something almost celebratory, reveling in the fact that you had experienced it, and even though it had ended, the heart will continue on to feel it, even after five days of that 9 to 5 job that you kept having to get to as you couldn’t retire that early. The heart went on after the physical manifestations died out hours ago. So try it out. You might enjoy an anti-Burial. Artful but so much more present in your emotions.

Love, Aleks.

Jacques Greene - Afterglow