For You: Soft Hair - Soft Hair

For You: Soft Hair - Soft Hair


Dear Garrett,

Sarah recommended this one to me a few weeks ago (though I have been listening to it for at least a couple months already). It didn’t get a great score on Pitchfork (a 6.8), but I think it connects to a great song I shared with you late last summer, LA Priest’s “Oino”. The other LA Priest songs surprisingly don’t sound so much like the above track, but this album seems to encapsulate the energy and what the music publication describes as “cutesy”.

There is a fun sexuality to Soft Hair, like a drag show skirting around its premise. This teasing produces a type of nuance to its music. “Jealous Lies” and “I.V.” most embody this argument: the psyched out plucks of the guitar turn a rather standard 4/4 beat into something with drive. Then the synths, wavering and off-pitch produce a unique melancholy. Grandiose sadness maybe.

I do wonder if album covers affect their scores. They most certainly affect one’s appreciation of the music. From the “Alternative” genre tag to the “Parental Advisory” emblem on the bottom-right, the word “commercial” popped in my head before my initial press of the play button. My cynicism rampant, perhaps I am overstating my like of this album due to its surprising catchiness.

Love, Aleks.