For You: Bing & Ruth - No Home of the Mind

February 25th, 2017


Dear Aleks,

The day of its release, Apple Music inputs the track Starwood Choker into my “New Music” playlist, and so I listen to it on my bike ride near Payne’s Prairie, just a little past LaChua trail and just a little before the forest on the way Hawthorne. In fact, that track is so great I listen to it all over again right when it ends. And then I like that track even more so I press the shuffle button twice to just repeat the track over and over and over.

It wasn’t until after that weekend that I go out of my way to listen to the rest of the album, but there it is in all it’s operatic and droning beauties. A “modern classical” album, my friend describes it, and I agree: the repetition of Glass or Reich are strong influences, but a grand piano is boundless with the right electronic instruments. The low rumbles of horns harken to the darkest soundtrack of “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence” when African slaves are forced into a burning music machine. The transcending nature of that scene, from its sadness to its optimism that we have gone so much further is explored for almost an hour in this album.

This is an album to augment the daily drudgery into activities worth the effort. Like last year’s discovery of Andy Stott’s Too Many Voices, Bing & Ruth have rocketed themselves into first place for such a beautiful album that will add to another beautiful year. Check it yo.

Love, Aleks.

Track List: No Home of the Mind (2017, 4AD Records, Apple Music)

  • Starwood Choker ****
  • As Much As Possible ***
  • Scrapes ***
  • Chonchos **
  • The How of it Sped ****
  • Is Drop ***
  • Form Takes ****
  • To All It ***
  • Flat Line / Peak Color ***
  • What Ash it Flow Up ***