Re-Review: David Lynch’s Lost Highway

Re-Review: Lost Highway dir. David Lynch

Mystery Man (played by Robert Blake) in David Lynch’s Lost Highway

  • Patrica Arquette is like a vacuum of energy. Maybe it’s just the soft spoken-ness, but I don’t know if her range goes beyond indignation and whisper-talk.
  • Robert Blake’s face on Arquette would be the sole reason Lynch should George Lucas the movie and make weird-ass edits with modern day CGI - at least we’ll get a non-hilarious visual in that scene.
  • Only Lynch can finds so spacious, so modern, and so depressing.
  • Pre-recorded mass media tech is only 25 years old by the time of Lost Highway, right? VHS/LaserDisc is nearly the equivalent of comparing the differences between 1992 and 2017. (In response to Pullman/Arquette watching the tapes and Pullman’s subsequent remark that he doesn’t like them.)
  • The look of VHS is always great with mutilated bodies.
  • Fade ins and fade outs galore. Nowadays we just knock characters out and have a hard cut to black with a bass sound.
  • And then she looks like a ghost when blonde.
  • It’s a great beginning and ending, and just a tiring middle.
  • The “cabin in the middle of the desert” scene is great.
  • Lost Highway does give enough concrete stuff to the audience while also maintaining a lot of ambiguity to allow interpretations to branch off into unsuspected places. I like to approach it from my previous ideas on VHS and camcorders.