Bullet: Kong: Skull Island


Feels as if it was written by a non-American and then translated into English. Jilted dialogue, “Vietnam War” soldier archetypes, generally an apolitical “anti-war” message, Kong’s interaction is zany rather than forced “awe-inspiring”.


  • Quite archetypical, “been there done that” dialogue. It almost seems like a parody of the exact type of movie: “70s cuckoo scientist proven right by a discovery, but leading to the strife of the expeditionary crew - one of them snaps, causing a divide in goals for the group’s survival in the face of this discovery.”
  • Acting was distinctly not good, if not bad. Only John C. Reilly seemed to putting effort in the performance.
  • Micro-editing was really off, cutting at the wrong times. Felt very rushed and unrefined.
  • Characters seemed to be excessively, passively killed off. Kinda half-assed.


  • The introduction set a good precedent for the rest of the film: it’s not Kong’s appearance that should impress people, but the creative action that occurs between Kong, the humans and the monsters it fights.
  • The fights weren’t particularly great, but some beats during (Jackson staring into Kong’s eyes as it destroyed soldiers, the initial “scientific bombing”, the fight with the squid) made up for what could have been a humorless, style-less depiction of a CGI monster beating up other CGI beings. There was a physicality.