Gainesville-Charlotte Biking Trip: June 4th, 2017

St. Augustine, FL -> Gainesville, FL

18:27 - The photoshoot turned out nicely. Cory pulled through with the faux-serious-ironic attitude that a more self-conscious Instagram account requires. Cecilia provided textural contrast with a glance away from the camera, as if the pose and photo were merely a small page in a much larger life to live. Dandelion wreaths adorned, the couple had been finally primed for a larger-than-life pose.

19:17 - Kody wouldn’t let up on his rising hairline. “I’m going bald” he would repeat over and over, fishing for a patronizing compliment from Cecilia. She would comply and the topic would be brought up again with each gust of the wind.

19:41 - They searched for shark teeth with no results. A middle-aged lady - with unparalleled confidence - told Cecilia that they would find such teeth in the piles of thicker sea deposits: the teeth would be sifted away from the finer grains of sand and shell. Another thirty minutes to no avail.

18:14 - First thought: this town is a tourist trap. But these thoughts were met with regrets; my cynical sentiments were questioned by Cecilia, who had described the historical voracity of the walls of the tourist trap stores: they are made of the beach shells of St. Augustine. I thought they were veneers. I was wrong but concluded that it was still a tourist trap.

23:00 (back in Gainesville, FL) - I hadn’t met up with Anthony before I left Gainesville. I will meet him at 9:00 tomorrow.

23:30 - Kody plays Sandstorm by Darude. I realize that the track will be the centerpiece of my eternally unrealized novel.