DApps and Perceived Uselessness

Crypto products gawk over decentralized apps, but I still have no idea of their value proposition.

How can every other cryptocurrency platform and app celebrate how many DApp users exist, despite having not yet explained why it's worth celebrating? I took a look at DApps on the Trust Wallet app on iOS and just saw WeChat-level integrated apps - a type of non-nativeness that might have felt good in 2009 but in this era is going to have to fight tooth and nail to reach anything close to a popular niche function of the internet.

I don't argue against the concept of DApps, but the regular Internet/Snapchat/Facebook user is going to attempt to see what a "decentralized internet" looks like and find out its just a shittier internet. To make ambition realized, one must determine its value - if not, we are dealing with a delusional vanity for a non-future of tech.

Imagine a beach hobo rattling on about how many pieces of sand he finally collected in his hat - 20000! And look into the cap - there is in fact quite a few grains of sand. And? If he had the mindset of a Crypto fan, he would say that he's lucky I'm not part of the sand collectors club and walk away, leaving me dumbfounded that people are spending so much time on such bull.

Is "decentralized" going the way of "organic" or "gluten-free"? In this form, DApps are an attempt to take UI five steps back. In a future form, perhaps DApps' proposition is that "yes, it's the same as X/Y/Z, but it's decentralized!" In the future's future, a true visionary will realize that the functionality of a DApp will make its once-equivalent like dust in the wind.